Pray Like Tevya

In high school, I had roles in two productions of Broadway musicals. I didn’t even sing, but they gave me the bug. Since then I’ve had a love affair with Broadway.

One of my favorite musicals is Fiddler on the Roof. If you are unfamiliar with it, the musical tells the story of a Jewish peasant and his family in Russia in the early twentieth century. Tevya struggles with the growing tensions and conflicts between his faith and cultural traditions with which he was raised and the changing culture he faces. He must compromise and deal with where to draw the line in each compromise.

I love Tevya. He is absolutely and completely genuine and authentic. I have always related to him and perhaps now more than ever as I, too, face a culture that constantly challenges my faith and traditions and demands compromises I may be unwilling to give. I particularly like how Tevya prays. Watch him here.

You may find Tevya a little sacrilegious. Perhaps he is by some of our religious traditions. I don’t think God does, though. He has pretty big shoulders and can take anything from us, including anger. In fact, he may value our anger most because he knows then that we are sincere. I don’t think God needs or wants any flowery salutations or flattery. What he wants is a sincere and genuine heart speaking to him. Tevya talks with God as if he speaks with a good friend whom he trusts. I think that is what God wants of us. So pray like Tevya. See if you find your relationship with God getting deeper as you do.

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