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Christ Feeds Five Thousand — In Kentucky

Perhaps one of the more well-known stories of Christ is his feeding of the 5000. If you are a fan of The Chosen, and if you are not you should be, the miracle was featured in the final episode of season three just a week ago. I don’t think I’ve given a spoiler here because you can find it in Matthew 14:13-21. I found the episode reaching deep into my soul. But I still was seeing it as something Biblical. What I did not appreciate is that Jesus is doing it again, now.

If you are not aware, an amazing revival is beginning to reach out into this country. Generation Z is beginning to experience Christ; the real, live, reach-out-and-touch-him Christ. The epicenter of this shaking is a chapel at Asbury Seminary in Kentucky. If you have not heard about it, you can already find it here on Wikipedia. I cite Wikipedia because the discussion is secular, to show that the fire is spreading. I also was amused as it distinguished the revival from other Generation Z movements as this one is leaderless, which of course is very far from the truth!

One of the amazing facets of this revival is that thousands of people are now at Asbury, and they are being fed. They are being fed and those in the chapel and outside often do not even know the source of the food. Just as when Christ fed the 5000, he is taking the hearts, hands, and resources available and magnifying those resources to feed thousands who have appeared to experience him. And we are witnesses to it!

What is happening in Kentucky is Christ’s Kingdom manifest today. This is just a bell-ringer. We can’t miss this one. Jesus is saying to all of us “wake up and pay attention.” But I tell you, his Kingdom is manifest about each of us every day — through the work of the Holy Spirit in others, and in each of us. We just so often pass it by oblivious. Let each with eyes to see, see, and ears to hear, hear.


  1. Steve Cloak on February 19, 2023 at 9:47 am

    An just in time!

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