About Thomas Trezise

Tom Trezise is a retired lawyer and corporate executive with over twenty years of experience as a Methodist lay preacher. Raised in Appalachia, he proudly calls himself a hillbilly at heart. He is the executive director of The Everyday Kingdom, a non-profit devoted to fostering a community that helps people find and experience the peace, purpose, and joy available from living every day in Christ’s kingdom. He is a blogger, and Former Things Forgotten is his debut novel. He and his wife, Kathy, live in Ponte Vedra, Florida, and have two adult children. He enjoys reading at the beach and playing golf.

Former Things Forgotten a Novel by Thomas Trezise

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Former Things Forgotten

Red-headed and determined Tessa is desperate to escape her cruel and judgmental father, his God, and her home in the Appalachian Mountains of eastern Tennessee. Tessa doesn’t know she was created for a kingdom of which she has no earthly memory and was part of a failed rebellion against God in heaven, ending in her birth on fallen earth. An intense battle wages to return her soul to God … and may require an ultimate sacrifice. This intriguing and unforgettable story of love at the intersection of heaven and earth, where relationships are eternal and hard choices determine destinies, examines the questions, answers, and consequences of life lived for self or for God.