Kingdom Alignment: My Plans And Desires

Reading Time 3.5 Minutes “God bless my plan.” For a very long time I have said this mockingly as an example of exactly the type of prayer we should not pray. Living a Christian life requires us to surrender our lives to Christ, which means we live according to his plan and not ours. I…
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Getting the Message

The grocery seems to be a place where I find the Kingdom more easily. My most recent experience occurred a few days ago. As I entered the checkout line I saw that the young woman bagging the groceries had an almost rigid mask for her face. That was when I could see her face at…
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Former Things Forgotten a Novel by Thomas Trezise

New Release Contributes to the Popular Appalachian Literature Genre

“Over the past couple of decades, Appalachian literature has developed a strong and close relationship with independent publishing, showing the latter to be an important medium for the expression for Appalachian voice,” writes Kristopher Clifford in a master’s thesis in 2007. A new release, Former Things Forgotten, by Thomas Trezise, published by the hybrid Redemption…
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Pray Like Tevya

In high school, I had roles in two productions of Broadway musicals. I didn’t even sing, but they gave me the bug. Since then I’ve had a love affair with Broadway. One of my favorite musicals is Fiddler on the Roof. If you are unfamiliar with it, the musical tells the story of a Jewish…
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person holding book while standing on field

Am I Good Enough?

He who dies with the most toys wins. Have you ever heard that? I have to confess that I love to acquire toys — at least the toys that can be bought at Toys R Us for Men. You know those stores — Home Depot and Best Buy. Doesn’t matter what they call themselves —…
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orange train between fall trees

Riding the Train

Before I proceed with today’s message, I’d like everyone wearing a wristwatch to raise your hand.  Now, please switch your watch to the other wrist. More about that later. My message today addresses God’s calls to us and our obedience to those calls. God’s calls to us essentially take two forms. The first is the…
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brown animal on brown grass during daytime

Underdog, Wile E. Coyote, and the Kingdom of God

I was born in 1953. That makes me a number of things. For my children, that makes me old and out of touch, although I think I surprise them now and then. For the AARP that makes me a target member. For Bob Evans I’m a customer of the senior citizens menu. But it also…
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Welcome, I'm Tom

I'm Tom Trezise a retired lawyer and corporate executive with over twenty years of experience as a Methodist lay preacher. Raised in Appalachia, I proudly call myself a hillbilly at heart. I'm the executive director of The Everyday Kingdom, a non-profit devoted to fostering a community that helps people find and experience the peace, purpose, and joy available from living every day in Christ’s kingdom.

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